Starter Bot Changelog

Changes made to any of the 2023-24 REV DUO FTC Starter Bot Documentation will be listed below. Check back for updates as the season progresses!

VersionRelease Date & Notes

v1.0.0 - Build Guide


- Initial Release

v1.0.0 - Code and Configuration


- Java Code Initial Release - Configuration File Initial Release

v1.0.0 - Bill of Materials


- Initial Release

v1.0.1 - Build Guide

10/27/23 -Tower BOM Updated to remove excess qty. -Arm Step 7: Added the 15mm Spacers to the Get Section -Gripper Step 1: 90 Tooth Gear not 60 Tooth -Gripper Step 7: 12 M3 X 35mm not M3 X 16mm -Gripper Step 7: Added note for flex in 90 Brackets

v1.0.1 - Bill of Materials


-Tower BOM Updated to remove excess qty.

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