Game Elements


Red and blue rigid plastic cones are game pieces for this years POWERPLAY game. There are 60 cones total on the playing field, 30 red and 30 blue. The average weight of the cones is approximately: 2.55oz


Similar in size, shape, and weight to the cones, a signal is a non-scorable game piece used to indicate the randomization state. Robots can read the images on a signal, or a team-designed signal sleeve, for additional information at the start of a match.

A Signal is NOT a Cone and cannot be scored!


Also known as the Team Scoring Element, a Beacon is a team-designed and manufactured scoring element that is used in the endgame portion of POWERPLAY. Beacons are used to cap and claim ownership of Ground, Low, Middle, and High Junctions.


Junctions are the main location for scoring Cones to create a Circuit. There are four types of Junctions on the POWERPLAY playing field.

  1. Ground Junction: Plastic disc that is molded to hold Cones

  2. Low Junction: 13in spring-mounted pole

  3. Medium Junction: 23in spring-mounted pole

  4. High Junction: 33in spring-mounted pole

Junction locations on field

The following images are displayed in different locations around the field perimeter and used for Navigation tasks.

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