Game Piece

In the Ultimate Goal game there are two major game pieces: rings and wobble goals. In this section we will discuss dimensions of the elements and some of the scoring opportunities



The ring image above from Game Manual Part two is a drawing of the ring dimensions. We took the time as well to collect the weight of each ring and put all the dimensions in the table below.




Inner Diameter



Outer Diameter






The outer diameter of each ring is 5 inches with a manufacturing tolerance of plus or minus 0.25 inches.

Our testing yielded the weight as being 1.02 ounces with a tolerance of plus or minus 0.5 ounces

Material and Flexibility

The ring game piece is made of a flexible foam material, somewhat similar to the material of stress ball or foam volleyball. We do no know what the material is for sure but we do know that the ring is a very flexible, compliant element. In our video on game pieces Greg demonstrates the flexibility of the ring by squeezing it in several different directions.

So far in our testing it seems like the ring bounces back into its original shape if manipulated. We also haven't been able to damage the ring in significant way. That being said, we think there is potential for the rings to be damaged in a competition environment.

Tower Goal

Now that we have gone over the dimensions of the rind and the flexibility, we can consider the dimensions of the tower goal and power shot.





5 in

16 in


12 in

23 in


8 in

23 in

Power shot

5 in

1 in

Each tower goal is different size. The change in size means that each goal (and the power shots) come with a different calculation to maximize the accuracy of a launch. For instance, the mid goal is the largest of the three goals and thus has the most area for accuracy.

We mentioned in our game strategy that in autonomous it may be more beneficial to score in the high tower goal rather than attempt to hit the power shots. Even though both elements are five inches in heights the total area for the high goal is significantly more than that of the power shot. The rate of a ring consistently going in the high goal is much higher than for scoring the power shot.

Wobble Goal


The sizing dimensions of the wobble goal can be seen in the image below. We weighed 3 of the wobble goals we had at the REV office and found them to be consistently around 14.5 ounces in weight.


14.5 ounces

We recommend treating the Wobble Goals like the weight one pound, during your design process. If you intend to pick the wobble from the pole keep in mind that the weight of the wobble goal is distributed mostly towards the bottom of the goal. The weight distribution of the wobble goal is important to torque calculations.


Something to consider when designing mechanism for the Wobble Goal: the top cap of the goal is not completely attached to the pole. Though it takes some force that cap and come off. Be aware of that possibility if you are intended to grab the wobble goal by the top of the pole.

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