Bearings / Bearing Blocks

Flanged Bearing

The Flanged Bearing (REV-21-1916) for 1/2in Rounded Hex is compatible with the REV ION System and provides a way of locating and supporting a 1/2in Rounded Hex Shaft while it rotates. The flange on the outer space of the bearing allows the bearing to be installed in a hole or MAXSpline with no other means of retention.

Needle Bearing

The Needle Bearing (REV-21-2386) with 3/4in ID and 1in OD, fits into MAXSpline Shaft (REV-21-2520) and is used for dead axle applications. Hold it in place securely using a 3/4in Needle Bearing Carrier (REV-21-2385).

Needle Bearings should be lightly greased and not run dry on shafts. We recommend red tacky or other Lithium based grease.

Bearing Blocks

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