Load Ratings

MAXPlanetary System

Static Load Ratings

The following torque measurements are for a static load condition. The torques listed are for the output of the stage.


3:1 Cartridge

Tested to 290 N⋅m (no failure)

4:1 Cartridge

Fails at 270 N⋅m

5:1 Cartridge

Fails at 240 N⋅m

1/2" Hex Socket Output

Fails at 250 N⋅m

Shock loads can cause the gearbox to fail in situations where the steady-state torque is still within allowable limits.

Cantilevered load on the output shaft puts additional stress on the gearbox and will reduce the torque the gearbox can withstand.

Cartridge Configuration

The following chart shows which gear cartridge configurations are allowable with different motors. Cells shown in GREEN are allowed and cells shown in RED are not allowed.

These ratings are based on the default current limit on the Spark MAX (or Talon FX). Increasing the current limit increases the maximum torque the motor can produce and may put components of the gearbox outside of their load rating.

MAX 90 Degree Gearbox

Static Load Rating

Gearbox ultimate strength - Failure at 180 NM +/- 5%

Please note that this is less than the MAXPlanetary Gearbox can withstand!

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