Servo Basics

Servo motors are a specialized kind of motor which can be controlled to move to a specific angle instead of continuously rotating like a DC motor. Instead of a hex output shaft like the DC motor, servos have an output spline. A spline is a specific groove pattern cut into the shaft which allows the rotation of the servo motor to be transmitted to the attached Aluminum Servo Horn (REV-41-1828) or Servo Adapter. Splines are like keys, so only matched types will fit together. The REV Robotics Servos all use a 25T spline pattern. If the gears or spline of the REV Robotics Smart Robot Servo (REV-41-1097) become damaged, they are replaceable using a Replacement Gear Set (REV-41-1168).

Common servo motors take a programmed input signal range and map that to an angular range. For example, for a servo with a 270° range, if the input range was from 0 to 1 then a signal input of 0 would cause the servo to turn to point -135°. For a signal input of 1, the servo would turn to +135°. Inputs between the minimum and maximum have corresponding angles evenly distributed between the minimum and maximum servo angle.

Servo Accessories / Adapters

REV Robotics Servo Adapters fit 25T spline servos like the REV Robotics Smart Robot Servo. In addition to the variety pack of generic servo horns which come with the Smart Robot Servo, there are five other custom servo adapters which make using servos with the REV ION Build System easy.

Aluminum Servo Shaft Adapters (REV-41-1558) convert a 25T spline servo output shaft into a female 5mm hex socket. This adapter can be used to drive a hex shaft directly.

Aluminum Servo Horns (REV-41-1828) have a tapped hole pattern that can be directly mounted to any of the REV Robotics gears, wheels, or sprockets with the Motion Pattern.

Aluminum Double Servo Arms (REV-41-1820) have two tapped holes that can be directly mounted to any of the REV Robotics extrusion, channel, or brackets.

Aluminum 1/2in Rounded Hex Servo Shaft (REV-21-2892) converts a servo to a 1/2in Hex shaft for use with all other ION mechanical system components

Plastic 1/2in Hex Linkage Arm (REV-21-2895) used to control a linkage, flap, lever or pushrod

Plastic Face Mount Bracket The ION Servo Face Mount Bracket (REV-21-2896) allows for easy integration of Servo Motors into the ION System.

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