Brackets are used to join different parts of the robot together. Most brackets can be divided into two categories: Motion and Structure. Motion brackets help create strong attachment points for your motion components and any parts of your robot that move. Structure brackets are designed to hold pieces of extrusion together.

Bracket Basics

In the REV ION Build System, there are two major groupings of brackets: MAXSpline and construction. The major distinguishing feature of MAXSpline brackets is a MAXSpline bore or MAX Pattern to support bearings and MAXHubs. Construction brackets are essentially any bracket in the REV ION Build System that does not have a MAXSpline bore. Because the term construction bracket encompasses a broad range of REV ION products, it can be further subdivided as structural brackets and actuator brackets.

Structural brackets act as connectors between structural components. For example, these are the type of brackets you will want to use when connecting MAXTube and Extrusion elements. Actuator brackets on the other hand are intended to mount and support motors and servos.

Follow through the rest of this section to learn more about brackets.

MAXSpline Brackets

MAXSpline Brackets are compatible with the REV ION System and are designed to mount to pieces of 2x1in MAXTube - with MAX Pattern while maintaining proper pattern spacing.

In the REV ION Build System, motion brackets are referred to as MAXSpline Brackets because within the ION System, the MAXSpline shape is the core to transmitting motion. The major distinguishing feature of MAXSpline brackets are a MAXSpline bore, or a full MAX Pattern to support bearings and MAXHubs.

This diagram, on the left side, demonstrates the 1/2 inch pitch of the #10 clearance holes on the MAXSpline bracket. It also shows the MAXSpline Bore that supports bearings and MAXHubs on the bracket.

You can also use MAXSpline Brackets to mount motion components such as motors and pulleys, as seen below. A MAXPlanetary Gearbox fits perfectly on the 2in hole pattern of the Offset Mount MAXSpline Bracket (REV-21-2351).

An image of a motor with a MAXPlanetary Gearbox that has been put inside a MAXSpline Bracket, and the bracket has been mounted to MAXTube.
An alternate angle, showing the mounting of a MAXSpline Bracket onto MAXTube from the side.

A full listing of brackets is located on the MAXSpline Bracket product page. Compatible 1in extrusion brackets are also available on the ION Brackets product listing page

Structure Brackets

Structure brackets are designed to secure pieces of structure together at varying angles. There are different hole patterns available to accommodate the different extrusion types and patterns. In the REV ION Build System, structure brackets are any bracket that does not have a MAXSpline Bore.

1in Brackets

1in Inside Corner Bracket (REV-21-1203) is designed to enable more construction strategies with the REV 1in Extrusion. Designed for #10 hardware, the mounting holes are on a 1in pitch that allows for the creation of complex joints by stacking with other REV 1" Brackets.

1in Brackets (Product Family Page) This is an assortment of Brackets that are all 1in wide and feature #10 clearance holes on a 1/2in pitch. Using these brackets with any of our MAXTube or Extrusion allows for easy construction of robot frames, mechanisms, and structure.

3-4-5 Brackets

Create a sturdy triangle with our 3-4-5 Brackets to support your robot. When using 3-4-5 Brackets any 3 lengths of tube that make a 3-4-5 triangle will allow the holes to line up with the brackets and for the holes to stay on pitch relative to one another.

There 3-4-5 Brackets come in both external and internal versions. Both brackets form the same structure of a 3-4-5 triangle, it is just secured in different places.

3-4-5 External
3-4-5 Internal

Use External 3-4-5 Brackets for creating a 3-4-5 triangle with 2x1in MAXTube that features the MAXPattern or the Grid Pattern

Actuator Brackets

1in Bent Universal Motor Bracket V2

The 1in Bent Universal Motor Bracket V2 (REV-21-1842) This bracket is designed to work seamlessly with the most popular motors in FRC. The Bent Universal Motor Bracket V2 changes the holes on the 25mm bolt circle from an M4 to an M3 tight fit hole to accommodate 550 style motors, including the NEO 550 Brushless Motor. To use a BAG Motor, the holes on the 25mm bolt circle need to be drilled out to a M4 tight fit.

ION UltraPlanetary Bracket

The ION UltraPlanetary Face Mount Bracket (REV-21-2046) allows for easy mounting of our UltraPlanetary Gearbox to any of our MAXTube products. The plate features 2 x #10-32 tapped inserts for easy mounting on any structure.

ION Servo Face Mount Bracket

The ION Servo Face Mount Bracket (REV-21-2896) allows for easy integration of Servo Motors into the ION System. Mount a servo motor, such as our Smart Robot Servo (REV-41-1097), on a 1/2in pitch and line up perfectly with the MAXPattern on MAXTube.

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