Introduction to Structure

This section goes over all of the basic structure elements used in FIRST Robotics Competition.

The majority of a robot’s structural elements can be divided into two main categories:

  • Extrusion

    • Patterned

    • T-Slot

    • Plain Stock

  • Brackets

    • Motion

    • Structure

Structure Basics

The REV ION Build System's structural components are comprised of a collection of aluminum extrusions. This includes MAXTube, a family of rectangular tubes that are available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and hole patterns. MAXTube hole patterns are compatible with #10 Hardware and the MAXSpline. Our slotted 1in Extrusion comes in a 1x1in size and features t-slots that allow for brackets and other items to be adjusted to any position along the rail. MAXSpline Shaft is an extrusion with the same outer profile as the MAXSpline that provides a high strength shaft alternative where more torque is needed.

All REV ION structural components are #10 hardware compatible.

MAXTube with MAX Pattern vs. 1in Extrusion

Fixed pitch based systems, like the MAX Pattern on MAXTube, have a set pattern of holes to use for mounting; everything that is attached is spaced on a multiple or a set fraction of the standard pitch.

With REV ION, we made it easy to calculate center-to-center distances for standard reductions along the fixed pitch. Gear reductions that add up to 80 teeth and 1-to-1 sprocket/pulley combinations will work by default. For ratios that don't fit on the fixed pitch, we have created Ratio Plates that feature an adjusted version of the MAX Pattern.

In contrast, the 1in Extrusion System allows for flexible mounting positions along its slots. Simply slide any brackets that need to be mounted into the appropriate slot and adjust to the desired position. Because there is no fixed pitch, you can have the bracket in an infinite number of positions along your 1in Extrusion.

We believe that the easier it is to adjust your design, the easier it is to iterate and improve that design.

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