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Dead Axle Tube - 3/4in

Dead Axle Tube (REV-21-2510) is compatible with the REV ION System and can be used with 3/4in Needle Bearing Carrier (REV-21-2385) and MAXSpline Shaft (REV-21-2520) as the dead axle in a dead axle roller. Can also be used with custom rollers and as structural support.

Application Example

3/4in Dead Axle Tube (REV-21-2510) acts as the structural member in this MAXSpline Shaft (REV-21-2520) dead axle application. Supporting the Dead Axle Tube is a Needle Bearing (REV-21-2386) (3/4in ID, 1in OD) that fits into MAXSpline Shaft. Tube nuts (REV-21-2382-PK10) for the 5/8in ID of the Dead Axle Tube makes mounting your assembly easy. Alternatively you could use a Stepped Bushing (REV-21-2396) to mount your MAXSpline Shaft to your Dead Axle Tube.


This Stepped Bushing (REV-21-2396) in conjunction with the MAXSpline Shaft and the 3/4in tube can be used to build robust and effective rollers and intakes for your FRC robot. It can also be used as a pivot point when combined with a MAXTube and 3/4in dead axle.


This MAXSpline Shaft Endcap (REV-21-2393-PK2) enables you to convert MAXSpline Shaft into a live axle driven by a 1/2in Hex shaft.

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