Connecting Driver Station to Control Hub

When you first receive your Control Hub (REV-31-1595), you will have to connect it to a supported Android Device, like a Driver Hub. The following section of the page will walk through how to pair a Driver Hub or Driver Station phone to a Control Hub.

This section assumes you have already gone through the process of setting up your Driver Station device. If you have not please go through the following guides for more information on getting started with a Driver Station:

Connecting the Driver Station with the Control Hub

The procedure for pairing the Driver Hub and the Control Hub only needs to be performed once for each set of hardware. If you replace your Driver Hub or Control Hub, this procedure will need to be repeated.

Power on the Control Hub by plugging the 12V Slim Battery into the XT30 connector labeled “BATTERY” on the Control Hub. You may also choose to include a switch between the Battery and Control Hub, if you prefer.

The Control Hub is ready to pair with the Driver Station when the LED turns green. Note: the light blinks blue every ~5 seconds to indicate that the Control Hub is healthy.

Once you have powered on your Control Hub follow through the process for connection to either a Driver Hub or a Driver Station phone.

This section assumes you have gone through the process of setting up your Driver Hub. If this is not the case please go to Getting Started with the Driver Hub and go through the process of bringing up your Driver Hub.

Open the Driver Station application from the HOME Screen.

In the Driver Station application, click the three dots in the upper right corner to open the drop down menu.

In the drop down menu select Settings.

Select, “Pair with Robot Controller”.

Select Wi-Fi Settings.

Note: In initial bring up for the Driver Hub you are asked to connect to a Wi-Fi network with internet, which is why this Driver Hub is already connected to a network. However, now the focus is on connecting to the Control Hub.

Select the name of the Wi-Fi network generated by your Control Hub. The default SSID name starts with either “FIRST-“ or “FTC-“. In this example we want to choose our REV-DEMO Control Hub.

Enter the password to the Wi-Fi network in the password field. This defaults to “password”. Press CONNECT.

After pressing connect, press the back arrow at the bottom of the display until you return to the main driver station screen.

After a couple of seconds, the Driver Station page will indicate the network name, a ping time, and battery voltage.

Your Driver Hub is now paired with your Control Hub!

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