Pneumatic Cylinders are actuated by moving pressurized air through a closed system. They can either be retracted or extended- the output is binary with no in-between. These are ideal for when you need to extend part of your robot to the same length repeatedly, like deploying an intake.

Pneumatic Hub

The REV Pneumatic Hub (REV-11-1852) is a standalone module that is capable of switching both 12V and 24V pneumatic solenoid valves. The Pneumatic Hub features 16 solenoid channels which allow for up to 16 single-acting solenoids, 8 double-acting solenoids, or a combination of the two types. The user selectable output voltage is fully regulated, allowing even 12V solenoids to stay active when the robot battery drops as low as 4.75V.

Digital and analog pressure sensor ports are built into the device, increasing the flexibility and feedback functionality of the pneumatic system. The USB-C connection on the Hub works with the REV Hardware Client, allowing users to test pneumatic systems without a need for an additional robot controller.

For additional information including connections, specs and troubleshooting, check out the complete Pneumatic Hub Overview section

Analog Pressure Sensor

The REV Robotics Analog Pressure Sensor (REV-11-1107) is a 5V sensor that can measure pressures up to 200 PSI. It outputs an analog voltage that is proportional to the measured pressure and can plug directly into the Pneumatic Hub, roboRIO, or the More Board V2.0.

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