Power Distribution

Power Distribution Hub

The REV Power Distribution Hub (REV-11-1850) is the latest evolution in power distribution for the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). With 20 high-current (40A max) channels, 3 low-current (15A max), and 1 switchable low-current channel, the PDH gives teams more flexibility for overall power delivery. The Power Distribution Hub features tool less latching WAGO terminals, an LED voltage display, and the ability to connect over CAN or USB-C to the REV Hardware Client for real-time telemetry, making it easier than ever to wire and debug your robot.

For additional information including connections, specs and troubleshooting, check out the complete Power Distribution Hub Overview section

Radio Power Module

The REV Radio Power Module (REV-11-1856) is designed to keep one of the most critical system components, the OpenMesh OM5P-AC WiFi radio, powered in the toughest moments of the competition. Traditional barrel jacks easily work themselves loose and often require hacks, like hot glue, to prevent intermittent power losses. The Radio Power Module eliminates the need for powering the radio through a traditional barrel power jack. Utilizing 18V Passive Power over Ethernet (POE) with two socketed RJ45 connectors, the Radio Power Module passes signal between the radio and roboRIO while providing power directly to the radio. After connecting the radio and roboRIO, easily add power to the Radio Power Module by wiring it to the low-current channels on the Power Distribution Hub utilizing the color coded push button WAGO terminals.

For additional information including connections, specs and applications, check out the complete Radio Power Module Overview section

Mini Power Module

The REV Mini Power Module (REV-11-1956), or MPM, is a compact power distribution module that allows you to securely and quickly power peripheral devices to your robot. Need more low-current channels on your PDH? Wire the MPM to one of the high-current channels on the PDH to power more peripheral devices and custom circuits.

For more information including specifications check out our complete documentation here - Mini Power Module

WAGO 221 Inline Splicing Connector

The WAGO 221 Inline Splicing Connector (REV-15-2491) is a robust and easy to use splicing connector that makes fiddling with hard-to-master crimp-style connectors a thing of the past. Simply lift the lever up, insert the stripped wire, and push the lever back down to make the connection.

Compatible with up to 12 AWG solid, stranded, and fine-stranded conductors, the lever actuated WAGO CAGE CLAMP® excels both in electrical conductivity and mechanical holding force when compared to other common connectors used on FRC robots. Its printed-on strip length guide and transparent housing takes all of the guesswork out of installation and inspection, virtually guaranteeing a proper connection every time.

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