SPARK MAX & Encoders


The REV Robotics SPARK MAX Motor Controller (REV-11-2158) is an all-in-one USB, CAN, and PWM enabled motor controller that can drive both 12 V brushed and 12 V brushless DC motors. SPARK MAX is designed for use in the FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC), incorporating advanced motor control in a small, easy-to-use, and affordable package. Configure and run the SPARK MAX through its built-in USB interface without needing a full control system.

For more information including specifications check out our complete documentation here - SPARK MAX

Through Bore Encoder

The REV Through Bore Encoder (REV-11-1271) is specifically designed with the end user in mind, allowing teams to place sensors in the locations closest to the rotation that they wish to measure. This rotary sensor measures both relative and absolute position through its ABI quadrature output and its absolute position pulse output. Mounting an encoder has never been easier with a 1/2" Hex Through Bore paired with the molded mounting holes which allow users to quickly place this encoder on the object they want to measure. Using one of the included inserts allows for the 1/2” hex to convert to 3/8” hex, 5mm hex, or 1/4” round for additional flexibility.

Need more information? Check out the Through Bore Encoder Data Sheet and Getting Started Video

SPARK MAX Data Port Breakout Board

The SPARK MAX Data Port Breakout Board (REV-11-1278) makes it easy to connect external sensors to the SPARK MAX Data Port.

For additional information, check out our Spark Max Data Port Guide

JST PH 6-pin Breakout Board - 4 Pack

This JST-PH 6-pin Breakout Board (REV-11-1276) is designed to adapt external sensors to the SPARK MAX 6-pin Encoder Port standard. It features a JST PH 6-pin connector, labeled solder pads, and through-hole pads that are compatible with popular 63R style quadrature encoders. This breakout makes it easy to connect external encoders to the SPARK MAX when running in Brushed Mode.

JST PH 6-pin Joiner Board - 4 Pack

These JST PH 6-pin Joiner Boards (REV-11-1277) are intended to be used with the JST PH 6-pin Extension Cables to extend the reach of your NEO Brushless Motor sensor cables.

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