Suggested Materials

Threadlocker is an oil-tolerant, removable, medium-strength seal for threaded fasteners. Use on nuts, bolts, and mounting or support screws in high vibration environments.

Perfect for bolting down anything that needs to be secured.

#10-32 Low Profile Nylon Lock Nut - 100 Pack (REV-29-1016)

These Low Profile Nylon Lock Nuts are thin enough to fit inside the channel of the REV 1" Extrusion. The embedded nylon ring provides tight vibration resistant hold on the threads of the screw.

#10 washers (REV-29-2909)

Whether you are distributing the load of your bolt, spacing your build evenly, or any of the many other uses for washers, it's always good to have some on hand.

Surgical Tubing, 3mm (REV-41-1163)

This stretchy latex rubber tubing can be used as a low-tech retraction device for pivot arms or to increase tension in a linear motion kit.

Cable Zip Ties (REV-41-1161)

Nylon Zip Ties with rounded edges to help prevent snagging. Length of the product linked is ideal for cable management, but Zip Ties are available in many other sizes as well.

Securely attach your robot parts without the need for bulky fasteners with 3M VHB (Very High Bond) Tape. Works with metal and plastics.

Prototype and plan out your designs ahead of time so you can measure twice and cut once with some cardboard.

Hook and Loop Fastener (REV-41-1373)

Easily remove, replace and secure control system components without having to cut and rerun zip ties or refashion nuts and bolts

Used to isolate solder joints and other electrical connections on your robot.

A multipurpose adhesive tape for when you need things to stick together.

Easy to cut, drill and sand smooth plywood is a great material to use as a base to mount control systems or as structural elements.

A material most builders prefer for intakes, polycarbonate is a unique mixture of flex and strength allowing it bend and deflect when hit instead of breaking.

Quickly repair broken plastic, rubber, wood and metal with super glue. And for when you or a team member accidentally glues their fingers together, you may want to pick up a tube of this as well - Super Glue Remover

USB-A to USB-C Cable 2.0 2M Length (REV-11-1232)

This is a longer 2 meter length version of the USB-A to USB-C cable included with most of our Control System Components. The added length of this cable becomes extremely handy if you are connecting to a control component that may be buried deep inside your build.

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