Suggested Tools

Below is a suggested base set of tools you will need to work effectively with the ION build system. If brand names are shown, they are not intended to be endorsements or requirements.

1/8" Bondhus ProHold Ball End Hex Driver (REV-29-1225)

The 1/8" Bondhus ProHold Ball End Hex Driver is the right hex screwdriver for the demanding pace of FIRST build seasons. 1/8in hex is commonly used in #10 button and countersunk hex head hardware.

With #10 Hardware standardized across the REV ION Build System, a #10 Nut Driver is a must have item for your toolbox.

22 in 1 small magnetic screwdriver set, an all-in one multi-function pocket repair tool. This set has the right attachment for whatever small screws you need to tighten or remove.

A Cordless Power Drill/Driver kit is a great tool for working in tight spaces, like on your robot. Quickly fasten nuts or drill holes with ease.

Drills holes perfectly sized for your #10 hardware with a 3/16in drill bit.

For everything else the 3/16in drill bit can't handle, there is the multi-size step bit!

Small and portable, a hack saw is perfect for making cuts through aluminum extrusion.

From set screws to the bolts that hold together your robot, always be prepared with the right sized Hex Key when you have the whole set.

For cutting bumper fabric, trimming surgical tubing, and all of your cutting needs, be sure to invest in a good pair of scissors.

Wire cutters, or diagonal cutting pliers, can go a long way when cutting wires to length for your control system.

Cleanly strip and cut wire to prepare it for use in your control system with a pair of wire strippers.

Used to smooth out rough cuts, sharp corners, uneven grooves and to open up holes that need a little more coaxing.

Drill and thread your own 10-32 holes with a tap set like this one.

150 grit medium-cut sandpaper sheets are ideal for sanding wood, metal and plastics.

A staple gun is great for tacking down thin materials like plywood, fabric, and corrugated plastic quickly.

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