Adding an IMU to your Expansion Hub

If your Expansion Hub was purchased BEFORE December 2021, it already has an internal IMU installed and you do not need to follow these steps.

Compatible External IMUs

There are a few options that will work for giving your Expansion Hub Gyro/IMU function.

  1. Integrating Gyro with our Logic Level Converter and Sensor Cable Adapter - This is directly supported in the FTC Programing environment but is just a single-axis gyro, not a full IMU.

  2. navX2 Sensor Bundle - Also supported in the FTC programming environment. Code examples are listed on AndyMark's page, and this product includes the correct cables to use within FTC.

  3. Adafruit 9-DOF Absolute Orientation IMU - This is the same IMU as in the Control Hub, but will require you to either create an adapter cable or solder a cut sensor cable to the board. Plugging this in and configuring the IMU on I2C port zero will allow you to use and program the same as an internal IMU.

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