Servo Power Module

Servo Power Module Basics

The REV Servo Power Module (REV-11-1144) is a 6V 90W power injector that enables the use of high-power RC servos in applications where a robot controller cannot provide adequate power.

Product Specifications

Key Terms
Key Metrics
Nominal Input Voltage
Operating Voltage Range
7.0V - 20V
Minimum Startup Voltage
Output Voltage
Number of Channels
Max. Total Output Current
(across all Channels)
Max. Total Output Power
3.6” x 1.52” x 0.81”

How to Use

Electrical Connections

The Servo Power Module has two screw terminals for 12V power input. It is recommended to use ring or fork terminals designed for #6 or M3 screw terminals.
Using an appropriate wire gauge, 18 AWG or larger, tightly crimp either a ring or fork terminal on the wire. Insert the crimped terminal into the screw terminal and tighten the screw.
The input and output channels accept standard 3-wire 0.1” pitch servo/PWM cables. Please refer to the figure above or the case markings for proper orientation.

Status LEDs

Each channel has a corresponding status LED that will indicate the sensed state of the connected PWM signal. The table below describes each state’s corresponding LED pattern.
No Signal
Blinking Amber
Left/Reverse Signal
Solid Red
Center/Neutral Signal
Solid Amber
Right/Forward Signal
Solid Green

Over-Current Shutdowns

If the Servo Power Module detects a total output current larger than 15A it will enter a shutdown mode where the 6V output is disabled until the over-current condition has remedied. While in shutdown the blue power LED will turn off, dim, or flicker indicating the over-current condition is still present.
In the case of frequent over-current shutdowns, ensure that the total stall current of all connected servos does not exceed 15A.