SRS Gear Replacement

The Smart Robot Servo is a metal-geared servo with the ability to replace the metal-gears it they become damaged during use. Damage to the gear set can occur if the servo receives a shock load to the system. This guide explains the process of removing and replacing the gears in the REV Smart Robot Servo (REV-41-1097) using the Replacement Gear Set (REV-41-1168).


To replace the gear set in the Smart Robot Servo you will need the following items:

  • Smart Robot Servo (REV-41-1097) – QTY 1

  • Replacement Gear Set (REV-41-1168) – QTY 1

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver (PH0) – QTY 1

The replacement gears are shipped un-greased. They need grease to run smoothly, so make sure the is enough grease in the gearbox, and if not, add equivalent of ~1/4” diameter sphere of grease to gears in the gearbox.

Replacing the Gears Walkthrough

Step 1

Remove the four screws that hold the upper casing.

Step 2

Remove the upper casing. Orient the servo so that the servo wire is to the left-hand side.

Step 3

Remove the the reduction and output gears. The last silver gear is removed with the axle as one unit.

Step 4

Remove the axle pin from the silver gear and replace gear if necessary. Note: replacement gears are shipped un-greased. Please grease all replacement gears before installing.

Step 5

Attach silver gear to the axle pin.

Step 6

Place the new silver gear onto the servo unit making sure contact with the servo motor's output shaft first, then slide the axle into the axle opening.

Step 7

Place the second gear in place. Make sure the lower level of teeth on this gear mesh with the upper level of teeth on the silver gear.

Step 8

Next place the output shaft gear in position. Make sure to align the slot in the gear with the tab on the servo.

Step 9

Once the output shaft is in place correctly, it should be seated securely but not touching any other gears.

Step 10

Place the final gear on the middle shaft. It should first mesh with the output shaft on its lower set of teeth, and then its upper teeth will mesh with the gear on the right shaft.

Step 11

Finally, reattach the top plastic cover, making sure to place it directly down on top of the gears so that they don’t become misaligned. Reattach the 4 screws and the servo is ready to operate.

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