Pinion Pressing Guide

HD Hex Pinion Pressing Guide

Needed Materials:

  • HD Hex Motor (REV-41-1291)

  • A Small Phillips Head Screwdriver

  • Press Fit Pinion

  • Arbor Press

1) Using a small Philips head screwdriver, remove the two small screws holding on the HD Hex Motor's Encoder Cover.

2) Remove the cover. Set it and the two screws aside for reassembly after pressing on the pinion.

3) Using a flat arbor press plate, balance the motor with the end of the shaft supported by the plate. Keep the motor shaft perpendicular to the plate and the press.

Make sure the JST VH 2-pin connector is not load-bearing in your setup, sometimes it may sit further out than the motor's shaft.

4) Press on the pinion using the arbor press. After pinion is pressed on reattach the HD Hex Motor's Encoder Cover.

5) Take care to not over-press, there should be a gap between the pinion and motor. The pinion should not be touching the body of the motor.

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