Corrugated Plastic Sheets

Corrugated Plastic Sheets Basics

Corrugated plastic sheets are intended for use as a consumable flat stock to make wedges, panels, and more. This plastic is sturdy, lightweight, and easy to cut with hand tools.

Corrugated plastic sheets are a great substitute for other types of flat stock. Compared to the alternatives, this plastic is cheaper and can easily be cut to size using a box cutter when larger scale tools are unavailable. These plastic sheets come in the FTC Starter Kit V3 (REV-45-1883) and FIRST Global Kits.

When to use?

In general, corrugated plastic can be used as a substitution for other flat stock elements. There are many applications for the corrugated plastic sheets depending on need. Below are images from FIRST Global to give you some ideas of the different creative ways you can utilize the sheets from your kits

In the pictures below all of the white pieces or portions of the robots are corrugated plastic.

In this picture, the corrugated plastic is being used as protective panels. One wedged panel is being used to protect the Control Hub (REV-31-1595). Another set of panels is encasing the pulley intake system on the back of the robot.

Here the corrugated plastic has been cut into strips and combined with Extrusion and string to make a basket. Also seen in this picture, the plastic is attached to the Extrusions with a combination of M3 hardware and zipties.

One robot in this picture is using the plastic sheets as bumper panels. The other robot has a basket system, similar to the previous picture, but with a completely different design approach

This last team's robot is utilizing the corrugated plastic as a hopper for game object storage.

Some other general uses include:

  • Team Number Plates

  • Alliance Markers

How to use?

One of the benefits of corrugated plastic is how easy it is to manipulate. Once a design is plotted out, score the plastic with a straight edge and box cutter or cut it with a powered saw (band saw, jig saw, etc).

As exhibited in the example pictures, the plastic can be attached to the robot with zip ties or M3 hardware.

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