45mm x 45mm U Channel

45mm x 45mm U Channel Basics

REV 45mm U Channel has a 45mm x 45mm square profile, and is designed to work seamlessly with existing REV 15mm Extrusion. It can be used in locations where additional torsional strength is required. On the sides of the channel is the Extended Motion Pattern which uses M3 hardware for attaching brackets, extrusion, and channel together. Locations for mounting bearings, shafts, motors, and servos are available every 16mm. Slots on the top of the channel accept standard M3 hex-head bolts or nuts, rather than expensive t-nuts. The top of the channel also has the Motion Pattern with M3 holes on a 16mm diameter circle pattern repeating down the channel.

Product Specs

  • Material: 6063-T6 aluminum

  • Height: 45mm

  • Width: 45mm

  • Length: Various Lengths

    • Channel can be cut to length if necessary, but care should be taken to ensure cuts preserve the necessary portions of the motion pattern for the overall robot design

When to use?

Similar to the C Channel, the U Channel is great for applications that need additional torsional strength. The advantage of the U channel over the C Channel is that the shape, combined with the Extended Motion Pattern, allows for two points of shaft support. This reduces the need for additional support brackets in different applications, such as drivetrains and arms.

Use the U channel in places where you need a high level of torsional strength.

Torsional Strength is a measure of the ability of a material to withstand a twisting load.

To learn more about why torsional strength is helpful to your robot design visit the constraining motion page

How to Use?

The combination of the pitch and extrusion systems featured on the U channel allows flexibility in design and iterations. The extended motion pattern featured allows for easy placement of moving parts, for additional constraint and support of motion.

The major use applications are that Core Hex Motors (REV-41-1300) and Servos (REV-41-1097) can fit completely within the U Channel and be mounted flush against the channel without the need for brackets. Simply attach build components with M3 hardware.

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